POSTECH Innovative Device Engineering and Application(IDEA) Lab. IDEA Lab. has been focusing on advanced nanodevices and their solutions for photodetectors, thermoelectric devices and sensors. We are making 3D quantum simulation and nanofabrication simultaneously to realize commercializable semiconductor device modules.  

Research Interests

◆ Silicon Nanowire based photovolatic, thermoelectric devices and sensor application ◆ Theoretical Modeling and 3D Quantum Simulation of Nanoscale Devices ◆ Advanced Nanoscale Logic and Memory Devices (DRAM and Flash Cell)    

Research Projects

◆ Current Research Project   1) 고효율 실리콘 나노선 태양전지 제작 및 평가 (2011.10 ~ 2017.09), i-Lab innovation project (연구비: 2억원/년, 연구책임자) 2) 실리콘 기반 LED 기판 제조기술 개발 (2012.09 ~ 2014.08), i-Lab innovation project (연구비: 2억원/년, 연구책임자) 3) 실리콘